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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> the lincoln memorial is the side of the controversy. >> by noon tomorrow, this place should be absolutely pack. estimates are from 300,000, many of whom are just beginning to set up. they want to hold onto their spots until tomorrow. they say it is an effort to take back their country. opponents say wrong time, wrong place. he is both a rock star with the republican party and a lightning rod. glenn beck rally on the same day and same spot as martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech as people a little riled up. the think the controversy is getting a little too overblown? >> is america. everybody has the right to say and believe what they want. >> it is that anticipation that has people claiming spots to sleep to have a good view, though it is their ideological
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views that brought them here. >> we have a lot of problems that we feel like her coming right out of the white house. >> it is time to take the country back. the wrong people are in charge. >> today, the rev. al sharpton, preparing for his own rally beck. earshot of a plan backegn >> and they don't have the right to destroy what dr. king's dream was about. >> is it really hijacking dr. king's legacy? we asked his niece and a featured speaker at the rally. >> as a blood relative of martin luther king jr., i believe my uncle would love to hear whatever our messages are today. >> what really is the message? it depends on who you ask, but
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glenn beck insists that despite the appearance by sarah palin tomorrow, it is not a political event. it is meant to honor american military service personnel and our founding fathers. this weekend rallies downtown could mean some rolling detours for metro bus riders. the rally should affect by bus routes. the jurors could start as early as of o'clock tomorrow morning. >> stephen strasburg is out for the season and nationals fans will have to come to grips with the back that there a's pitcher could be out even longer because of a torn elbow ligament. we have fan reaction and what it will mean for the bottom line. >> the injury heard around the sports world will undoubtedly have a massive, negative economic effect here in the district. no. 37, just over two months
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ago, right here through an awesome strike out. tonight, his fans are devastated. the 22-year-old phenom is now done for at least a full year. >> they will see attendance drop by 40% on days when they could have had much bigger numbers, when he would have been pitching. >> since national park opened in 2008, attendance has been subpar. with 18 home games left this season, the team has already seen nearly 1.5 million. >> we are sorry for him and the team, but you still come out here and show your support. it is disappointing. >> after promising start, the rookie was benched price this past season. now he has to have ligaments surgically reconstructed. local ticket brokers say --
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>> upon his announcement, we have gotten hundreds of calls. >> we hope it is not compared to a bottle rocket. >> we look forward to 2012 and beyond. >> a devastating blow, not only for stephen strasburg, his team, and the city, but also the entire league. a recent survey named him baseball's most marketable player under the age of 25. now all of that is a big question mark. more on stephen strasbourg's injured, including team reaction, later in sports. a major traffic alert for
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drivers this weekend. starting tonight, that will be reduced to one lane. the exit ramp onto 490 north will be closed. all lanes will reopen for monday morning's commute. kind of rough report on the economy. new numbers show a significant slowdown, but not as much as experts had feared. the economy grew by 1.6% in the second quarter, less than previous growth, but it is still growth. >> we are not seeing actual growth declining, but we are still in an period where people really feel a lack of confidence and fear in the economic prospects. today ben bernanke admitted they
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will take action if needed to stimulate growth. he predicts the economy and grow more rapidly next year. it seems a temporary cap that stopped the gulf coast oil spill will be removed on monday. this will allow crews to raise the failed blowout preventer from the water. they want to look at the equipment to figure out what caused the explosion in the first place. the process is not expected to trigger any new problems, now that this bill has been contained. more waters were open for fishing, but 20% remain closed. ford is announcing a recall of minivans, but only in certain states. >> we are coming along. next five years after hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast, a look at who has returned and how the recovery is going. president obama is calling on americans to spread messages
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of support u.s. serviceman. we will show you have to do it. >> sunshine outside. we'll give you the latest on danielle and earl
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>> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad.
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>> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. a serial stabbing suspect is getting checked out by a number of doctors. he is now undergoing
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psychological and physical tests. he was extradited from atlanta to michigan yesterday. he is a suspect in a dozen attacks including three stabbings in leesburg. ford is recalling some older minivans. model years 1998-2003 are being recalled because of braxton problems. the recall covers the band sold and registered in states where road salt could cause corrosion. a number of driver complaints prompted the investigation. owners will be notified in september and the repairs will be free. days before a major oval office address, the president salutes the men and women who have served in iraq. >> your dedication, braver, and courage have made america safer and helped to stand up democracy in iraq. we know that the sacrifices are not just jurors what are your families as well.
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>> the video was posted today on the white house official website. it is part of the administration's social media campaign to honor troops and encourages others to do the same. you can post your messages of support and thanks on the white house website. former senator ted stevens will be laid to rest next week at arlington national cemetery. he will be buried tuesday with honors. stevens and four other people died earlier this month in a plane crash in alaska. four others survived. hurricane katrina left her mark on the gulf coast, but how much of the mark is left five years later? >> doug hill is spreading good [ coach ] go get 'em, tiger. run it out. [ female announcer ] lunchables turkey & cheddar sub -- made with 100% turkey breast and bread made with whole grain. there's power in a great lunch. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪
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how far has new orleans and the rest of the gulf coast come since hurricane katrina? we have a look at the recovery. >> on august 29, 2005, hurricane
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katrina devastated the gulf coast. five years later, the area is still on the road to recovery. it is impossible to forget the scenes of destruction and devastation in new orleans following hurricane katrina. floodwaters trapped people in homes and on rooftops. others crowded into the superdome and the convention center where conditions quickly became deplorable. >> we are americans. it is terrible. >> riskier save some, but not all. nearly 2000 people died. in the wake of hurricane katrina, i went down to new orleans and spoke with victims and rescue teams there. >> you really understand the complexity and severity of the situation. >> five years later, the gulf region has undergone a major transformation, with new homes, new schools, and new buildings. the population has rebounded to nearly 80% of its pre storm
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levels and $15 billion have been spend to improve the storm system that failed so miserably in 2005. some who lost everything are just out returning to new orleans. a team of volunteers is rebuilding this home this weekend. >> it will be wonderful to sleep in our home here in new orleans once again. >> five years later, but home at last. while there is some progress, the greater new orleans community reports that more than 50,000 homes remained vacant and about 100,000 residents have not returned since the storm. president obama plans to visit new orleans on sunday. it looks like we have a nice weekend coming. >> it is going to be great everywhere. we have two systems to watch, hurricane danielle and tropical which may become a
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hurricane. danielle is a category 4 storm. it will bypass bermuda with no major effects, and then there comes earl. top winds are 45 miles an hour, but it will develop into a major hurricane by wednesday with 130 mile per hour winds. the question is how close to the coast will it get, and it may coincide with the beginning of the labor day weekend with all the people on the coastline and the beaches. it will be our job next week to keep you up-to-date on that. let's take a look at what is happening right now from the
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rooftop camera. just a few fair weather clouds, a beautiful afternoon. 82 in falls church, 81 in landover. 81 degrees in the district. the friday official numbers from reagan national, 83 the official high, 66 below. just about average again. some 50-degree ranges by early tomorrow morning. there is something brewing in the gulf, non tropical, we think. up to 5 inches of rain in spots, but the high pressure is so strong, it will suppress all this and keep it very warm and sunny and dry. this is the area of flooding that could be possible over the weekend. the weekend for most of us in the area will look like this. sunny and pleasant, 87 degrees
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for the high tomorrow, and the key words, lower humidity. the last week in an aug. looks fine. sunshine all weekend long, mid to upper 80's for the day on sunday. for the next seven days, sunny and low humidity over the weekend, and a warming trend over the next week. >> the toyota sports desk, but you by your local toyota dealers, moving forward. >> stephen strasburg, what a rough one. >> it could not be worse news for the national spans. >> stephen strasburg is likely headed for surgery and could be out of action for 1.5 years, after an mri revealed what is being called a significant share in a tendon in his elbow. devastating news for the
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franchise. >> the mood here is pretty somber, as it should be. moments ago, stephen strasburg confirmed to us he will have surgery. most pitchers in his situation bounceback even stronger. it does little to soften the blow. no matter how many strikes steven stratford has grown, until just one pitch in washington and he was down for the count. >> i got a lot of experience when i was out there. the weird thing about it is, that last game was when everything started to click. >> he will have the surgery, which requires 12-14 months of recovery. a teammate under with the same procedure last year, and ironically returned at this week. >> i am pretty much where i was
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last year before i got hurt. >> he saw the work zimmerman print. >> that still look long does little to ease the blow. in 12 appearances, he managed to strike out a third of the batters he faced. always a competitor, he bows to come back stronger than ever. >> it will give me six months to not worry about growing and really get strong. >> he will fly to los angeles tomorrow to see dr. louis yokum, the same surgeon who performed the surgery on the zimmerman. overall, he is optimistic about his recovery. preseason game no. 3 for the washington redskins tonight at the meadowlands.
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one starter who will not be playing tonight is quarterback donovan mcnabb who is due out because of a sprained ankle. they are ready for the jets and looking forward to tonight's game. >> i think you played the worst defense, you would not get much credit, so this is a good challenge. there is a lot of reward if you play well. tiger woods was back in old form at the barkley's in new jersey. he was not as sharp, had a tough time with his putter on the second nine. he dropped three strokes and finished the day at four under par. he is still in the hunt, four strokes back from the leader. the dream took down the washington mystics ,95-90.
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next, monkeying around is taking on a whole new meaning at the national zoo.
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there is a lot of monkeying
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around at the national zoo. you can -- they can press a button to spray water on visitors and themselves. all this activity show how these animals make choices, and more orangutan toys are coming next year in april. how to make friends with the beasts. >> the weekend is here. let's take a look at the forecast. sunshine, low humidity, upper 80's tomorrow, 9 degrees on sunday. the beaches will be bright and sunny. mid to upper 80's for the day on sunday. temperatures will be the warmest of the whole season. >> abc world news is coming up next. >>
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